Through the eyes of a traditional Lakota Medicine Man, the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation becomes another world, "the world behind this one . . .”

What began as a character study of a complicated, mystical, Oglala Lakota medicine man became a slow motion collision of the modern and indigenous minds. We did not anticipate getting a second interview let alone performing the Vision Quest and Sun Dance, the ancient rituals of suffering and gratitude.


And now, field production is complete. A four-year investigation of the indigenous world in modern America is ready for editing, scoring, and animation.


Mitakuye Oyasin—We Are All Related

Revealing mystical visions, indigenous rituals, and a rich, holistic world view: This documentary narrative is slowly revealing a quantum cosmological view of reality.


Sidney Has No Horses is a Medicine Man, carpenter, hunter, artist . . . chief. His ceremonies are authentic and his spiritual lineage is legendary, including Frank Fools Crow, and Crazy Horse.


For seven-years, filmmaker Salvatore Consalvi followed the life of authentic, traditional, and very mystical; if not troubled; Lakota Medicine Man. Ancient wisdom and modern trauma will create the backbone for a unique documentary exploration.

Most recently, the filmmaker completed a grueling, four-year ceremonial cycle. In an attempt to experience what is meant by a "Living Religion", the the director attended numerous sweat lodge (Inipi) Ceremonies; Yuwipi Night Ceremonies, Vision Quests (Humbelechas), and the most intense Sundance (Wiwanke Wachipi) Ceremonies.


Over 100 hours of candid interviews, and landscape and cultural studies will reveal the power behind the intense visions, ancient ceremonies, and a holistic world-view capable of altering the modern view of reality.